I’m the type of girlfriend that’s down for whatever
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Had to get blood drawn today. #RequiemForADream anyone? 😫


god sent us steve carell

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"While I agree with your point, Josephine, capitalism is an unjust ideal and it won’t work anymore."


My beautiful girl and her dog Charlotte❤️

I love you sweetheart. I know you’re having a bad day and I hope that when you’re off work I can make you smile just as big as in this picture and that you will be able to forget your worries for tonight. It will all be okay and I’m with you always, holding your hand, to help you through whatever you need. Always baby girl. 💋 lesb1an

I love you more then everything ever combined.



I almost forgot my briefcase!

it contains important lab results

I just wanna be good at twitter, so follow me and I follow you. @xviiicb


are you Jewish because you Israeli hot

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My buddy Tom baked a cake for his Argentinian friend to cheer her up after the world cup loss.
…They are no longer friends.

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cunt punted

Didn’t that use to be my name here or nah

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